Handbook of Pediatrics, 2/Ed.




Child health is very crucial to social development. It is the best parameter to judge any progressive community. In developing countries health problems of children bear special significance. Lack of economic resources and trained medical manpower alongwith long imbibed superstitions in society bring high morbidity and mortality in pediatric age group. Children are not small adults. They have unique physiology and tender metabolic processes which can be irrepairably damaged by wreckless therapy and casual approach. Hence study of pediatrics holds special significance in medical curriculum. More over, 40% of out patient attendance in community health centres in periphery is accounted for by pediatric problems. Viewed in this back drop, every medical student and practitioner has to be meticulous about pediatric diagnosis and therapy. “Handbook of Pediatrics” is written with the sole purpose of providing up to date medical information about pediatric diseases, their diagnosis and rational therapy. The text is spread over 24 meticulously depicted chapters. Rare diseases and anecdotal or experimental therapies have largely been omitted.


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