Hutchison’s Paediatrics Goel, Krishna M; Gupta, Devendra, K




Second edition of this marvellous textbook “Hutchison’s Paediatrics” will be of great value to all those who use it, whether students, or those preparing for professional examinations, or simply (like myself) keeping up-to-date or finding the answers to difficult clinical problems in daily practice. In this book to provide practical advice about the diagnosis, investigation and management of the full spectrum of childhood disorders, both medical and surgical. In this book indicate, and where appropriate to describe, techniques and laboratory investigations which are necessary for advanced diagnosis and up-to-date therapy. Knowledge within the field of paediatrics continues to increase exponentially. Accordingly, many chapters in this edition were completely revised, updated and extended with an additional four chapters. Many figures illustrating salient concepts summarising clinical findings and treatment results have been added. Attention is directed to the special problems which arise in the developing countries. It is intended in a true apprenticeship fashion of teaching to provide a manageable, readable and practical account of clinical paediatrics for medical undergraduates, for postgraduates specialising in paediatrics and for general practitioners whose daily work is concerned with care of children in health and sickness.


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